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Communist dictatorship isolated Albania from the world by barbed and wires, soldiers and border dog wanting to hide the truth about oppression on political imprisonment, and that the world believed that Albania was a democracy and that albanians lived under communist rule happy, with the rights and freedoms guaranteed. This is why the movement of people was blocked, even to the television waves to build the great wall of isolation, that the world not learn the truth about albanians, but also albanians not learn the truth about the world.

Escapes and murders at the border

Since 1945 communist Albania closed all borders with neighbors, after 1948 the closing became even more hermetic, while in 1950 the border was practically impassable. The attempt to escape was considered treason against the homeland and was punished by 10-25 years in prison. There were cases that it was changed even in death penalty. Families of those who escaped or tried to escape were interned in internment camps. In 45 years of communism there were in total 9600 escape attempt, over 8,000 people managed to cross the border, some 6,000 people regarded murdered attempted to run away and buried in the execution place, while 3,200 others were captured and sentenced to prison.

Foreign Policy

In the period 1944-1948, Albania had close relations with Yugoslavia which had helped in the creation of the communist party in Albania. After the breaking of Tito with Stalin, Albania became a close ally with USSR. But the disapproval from Albania of process of destalization and the approach Soviet-Yugoslav led to the decay of relations in 1961 between Tirana and Moscow. Then were collapsed the only international relations, those with China, for not taking part in other international organizations. So Albania’s foreign policy took place on ideological principles and not on the basis of national interests. The total self isolation culminated in Albania in 1970 where the Communist Party to ensure the progress of its revolution, completely isolated the place. Everywhere on the border of Albania existed prohibited areas which were guarded by the army and were surrounded with barbed, wires and current.

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