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“In the small country of Albania during the dictatorship 23 prisons and 48 internment camps were found.” During the communist system 6535 people were imprisoned or executed in prison.

The dark times in Albania began with an urgent letter in 1944 on the day of the Liberation of Tirana where the dictator Enver Hoxha ordered with an urgent message: “Concentration camps and prisons must be established. All those accused with felonies, betrayal and collaboration with the invader and also firsthand crimes shall be punished. Every one of these people is to be gathered in the concentration camps…”

After that a whole system of prisons was erected, as in: Gjirokastra, Tepelena, Vlora, Korça, Berat, Elbasan, Durrës,Tirana, Burrel, Shkodra, Peshkopia.

During the dictatorship People were sentenced with: 914.000 years of imprisonment and 256.146 years of internment, more than 10 millennia of sentence. While the “prison” ward of Psychiatry in the city of Elbasan treated the patients as enemies of state. In this ward the “Therapy of memory abolition, depersonalisation and destruction of the sense of self” were common treatments. For female prisoners special prisons were built: The Annex of the old prison in Tirana, Camp for women in Valia, The Prison of Craft in Tirana, of Kuçova, Kosova (Elbasan) and Sharra.


Here the exact statement of communist genocide::

  1. Executed: 5548 from these: 91 females
  2. Imprisoned: 14563 from these: 445 females
  3. Died in prison: 987 from these: 7 females
  4. Recovered in Psychiatry: 308 from these: 35 females
  5. Interned or expelled: 21401 from these: 9322 females

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