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The definition of torture according to the UN Convention:


The definition of torture according to the UN Convention: “Torture is any act by which severe pain of suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him information or confession, punishing him for an act he has committed or is suspected of having committed, intimidating or coercing him or for any other reason. ”

The tortures during the communist dictatorship were some of the most terrifying, tortures that were seen only during the inquisition, countries of the ancient Asia and Greek Byzantine.

Torture was a practice forbidden by law but was common practice during arrests:

In the “socialist” Albania torture during the investigation and in prison was forbidden by the law. This was a cynical hypocrisy, used for propaganda consumption. In reality, torture was common practice, in the interrogation cells and where the sentences were suffered. The detainees were subjected to torture as soon as they were arrested. In most cases, their heads were covered with a black bag and the hands were tied from behind , tightly.

From the testimonies of the ex political prisoners, of the employees or remaining members of the State Security and from the panels we have listed below some of the inhumane tortures exercised in communist prisons:

 Vest torture.

  1. Genital damaging.
  2. Scourge and beating
  3. Food, water and sleep deprivation.
  4. Electric shocks.
  5. Heavy weights hanged on the neck.
  6. Hanging by the hands to a window in such a height that only the toes could touch the ground.
  7. Filling of the mouth with salt.
  8. Sending supposedly for execution by a firing squad, emptying the weapons and hanging the prisoner
  9. Putting head down in a barrel full of water.
  10. Burning of the flesh with cigarettes, or with hot iron.
  11. Throwing alcohol in hands or on the hair and burning it.
  12. Breaking of the bones and the tweaking of the flesh with pincers.
  13. Giving salty food and then depriving of water.
  14. Putting the prisoner in cold water leaving him wet in winter.
  15. Gradual decrease of food, to cause a slow death.
  16. The use of chemical substances for harassment, or nervous system damage.
  17. Covering of the head with a special helmet, to make it impossible for the prisoner to commit suicide.
  18. Tying hands and feet with handcuffs, to an undetermined amount of time.
  19. Using bee apiaries to naked torture prisoners
  20. Indefinite isolation. Which has caused physical injuries on the prisoners, blindness, even loss of speech.
  21. The closet and the iron coffin.
  22. Putting the prisoners in the pit of faeces (this torture was used in reclamation camps).
  23. Binding in concrete columns exposed to the sun, until their death.
  24. Tortures with German handcuffs, which caused paralysis to the hands.
  25. Raping the families of the prisoners in front of them.
  26. Dog biting to those who tried to escape (this torture was practiced in the border)
  27. The iron bed (the prisoner lay naked on the iron bed, which was heated gradually)
  28. Putting of a cat in women pants and harassing them with a stick to damage the genitals and other body parts of the prisoners.
  29. Inflating the anus with a pump.
  30. Dental torture (breaking and pulling out of teeth without anesthesia).
  31. Throwing hot oil to naked prisoners.
  32. Placing boiled eggs under the armpits.
  33. Removal of the nails with pliers.
  34. Cracking of walnuts, in the victim’s head.

37.Cutting of the flesh with knifes and filling it with salt.

  1. Walking barefoot over burning ember.
  2. Injection through the veins, which caused to the victim embolism disease, that caused the arrested unbearable pain until the death.
  3. Provocation of the wounds caused by bullets, with the iron rod of the rifle (it was used by the pursuing forces against the fugitives wounded in the attempt).

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