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Enver Hoxha was the communist leader of Albania from 1944 until 1985, and the First Secretary of the Labour Party of Albania. He was the leader of the Democratic Front of Albania and general commander of the armed forces from 1944 until his death.

Murder was the most important principle of the philosophy of the Communist Party.

During the 40-year period of his rule elimination of the opposition was normal , sentencing the political opponents to death or with long prison sentences and the exiling their families from their living places and interning them in remote villages. The regime was also characterized by Stalinist methods exterminating the allies who threatened his personal power.

Mehmet Shehu: “Head of the Council of Ministers” according to the official versions of the events he committed suicide in Tirana on December 18, 1981, his death still remains a mystery.

Kadri Hazbiu: “Interior Minister and Minister of Defense” On October 13, 1982 The Plenum of the Central Committee held by the Labor Party of Albania excluded him from the party, he was arrested on October 15, 1982, and on September 10, 1983 he was executed.

Beqir Balluku: “Member of the Political Bureau, in 1952 was the Minister of National Defense” In July 1974 he was accused by the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha for organizing the military putsch. He was sentenced to death and was executed in November 5, 1975 for national treason. His remains were found in the summer of 2001.

Koci Xoxe: “Interior Minister” On November 28, 1948, he was arrested and was accused of begin a Yugoslav agent. He never accepted the accusation and after he was sentenced to death, he was shot on 12 June 12 1949.

Bari Omari: Even Enver Hoxha’s brother-in-law who was also a public nationalist personality was sentenced to death on April 13, 1945 by a special court headed by Koci Xoxe. While Bedri Spahiu the prosecutor would also end up in prison and was sentenced with 30 years.

The founders of the Communist Party

When Enver Hoxha wrote about the establishment of the party any its founders no one was alive, Qemal Stafa and Vasil Shanto were killed during the war, Anastas Lulo as well as Koci Xoxe were executed by order of Enver Hoxha,, while Koco Tashko, Sotir Ujkani Kristo Themelko, Uke Jakova had died in prison or were interned accused as enemies of the party which themselves had founded.

Gjergj Kokoshi, ex Minister of Education of the first government after the war was arrested and died in prison because he spoke out in the parliament. Sejfulla Malishova the other Minister of Education, suffered the same fate, he was known as the best theoretician of communism in the country. He criticized Enver Hoxha for the class struggle and the split of relations with the Americans because of that he was released from duty in 1946, was exiled in Fier and worked there until the end of his life. While the Admiral Teme Sejko, was arrested as an Americans agent and was sentenced to death.

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