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Josef Stalin was born on December 18, 1878 in Gori of Georgia he was the leader and the supreme statesman of the Soviet Union. Stalin was known as a controversial man and stated that he was infallible and a genius leader, when in fact he was dangerous criminal.

Stalinism refers to the ideology that Joseph Stalin conceived and implemented in the Soviet Union, and is generally regarded as an offshoot of Marxist-Leninist ideology, which consists in: rapid industrialization and rapid urbanization, a centralized state, collectivization of agriculture. Stalinism was based on state violence that cleared society of the bourgeois and “class enemies”.


How Enver imitated Stalin?!

The Behavior: Enver worshiped Stalin, so much that even the Soviets were impressed. Enver Hoxha began imitating him in everything in clothing, entertainment, appearance in gestures and movements, and even in leadership, the same way as children imitate the behavior of their father.

State Building: At the same time Enver also copied from Stalin the way the state functioned and the dictatorship of the proletariat over the minority. Controlling people through political police, the elimination of real or hypothetical pretenders that could seize the power up to the collectivization of agriculture and industry. Revolutionary initiatives, voluntary actions and the work of the youth or the bringing into Albania the Soviet technology ignited the engines of Stalinism in the country.

Propaganda: Stalin spent millions of rubles to cover the truth and create a fantastic fictional reality of socialism in USSR. The Propaganda of Enver Hoxha did not remain behind, in the Socialist Albania the happy life of residents was propagated, new houses and ideal life conditions. The new man goes to work well fed and happy.

Work Heroes: Also taking example from the Stakhanovite movement (dedicated to a work hero in coal extraction in the USSR which exceeded the work plans) the socialist state began fabricatin heroes some of the distinguish workers and made examples out of them, examples to be followed by the whole society. The new socialist citizen in Albania in the years 50-60 had astonishing similarity to the socialist citizen in the soviet state years ago. This similarity was noticeable because Enver Hoxha began to copy every detail from the residents of the ex-former republic of the USSR.

Murder of the Allies: In this aspect Enver Hoxha matched Stalin perfectly. The similarity of cases even the details and the papers that were signed by the accused before being executed were almost identical. Both had no mercy even for their familiars, Stalin refused to exchange his son taken hostage by Hitler with the German generals. Enver Hoxha arrested and executed the husband of his sister. Even the cleansing of his allies in the photo was just the same.

 Imitation even in death: People cried and wept in 1953 when Stalin died, believing that the commander of mankind had died and that the world was coming to an end, the same behavior was seen in Albania when Enver Hoxha died “Now what is going to happen with us”!!!!

The monument of Stalin in Tirana: On November 8, 1951 Enver Hoxha inaugurated in the center of Tirana the monument of Joseph Stalin, in the same day of the 10th anniversary of the communist party. Enver Hoxha proclaimed in his speech “Long life to Josef Stalin, the dear friend of the Albanian people”. Despite that many heroes had sacrificed their lives for Albania, there was no place for them in the center of Tirana because their place was reserved for the leader of a country thousands of kilometers away.

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