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 The revolt of Spaç started on May 21, 1973 as an opposition to some of the rules, it was just a trigger for a deep and meaningful opposition against the regime by its opponents that shouted “Death or freedom!”, “Long live the free Albania!”,”You are cruel!”,”The people are with us!”,”Long live the free Europe!” which lasted for about 3 days o atop the prison by 100 prisoners. They were quickly surrounded by over 4,500 effectives from Shkodra and Tirana, who opened fire from all sides.

The Revolt of Spaç demonstrated to Albania and the world that the resistance of the Albanian people despite the violence and the pressure applied by the dictatorship even after spending many years under the communist system was still surviving.


The revolt of Spaç lasted 3 days, the prisoners waved a free Skanderbeg flag on the terrace of the infamous prison without the communist star, singing and shouting against the dictatorship, until it ended in bloodshed. 4 of the prisoners were executed, 8 others were resentenced with 25 years of imprisonment, and 70 others were arrested and re-judged.

The four people who were executed were Skender Daja, Pal Zefi, Dervish Peka and Hajro Pashai.

The Revolt of Qaf Bari in May 20, 1984 in the Prison of Qaf Bari (situated about 18 km of the city of Puka built between the gorges of the mountains). In this prison 500 political prisoners were convicted with 25 years imprisonment. The prisoners in the mines had a three shift schedule; they were used by the directors of the prison with no mercy.

After many years of inhuman torture the prisoners revolted on May 20, 1984. Unfortunately this revolt ended in a tragedy. It was morning; the prisoners were grouped in the yard refusing to go to work without having their requirements fulfilled. Further in the choir, from within the hoarding the call was heard: Fall to Communism! Fall to the dictatorship! Fall to the dictator! Long live the country of democracy, long live America! Down the dictator! What have we done to you, why you treat us in this manner, why?! Who are we? We are Albanian, we don’t want communism, and we don’t want the dictator! We want freedom, we want western democracy!


The whole camp was surrounded by military from Tirana. Snipers took the main positions. Hundreds of armed forces received the order to shot on the prisoners.

The square was painted red from the blood of the victims. The wounded were dragged aside. Shouts could be heard from all sides, “Please, do not shoot, we are brothers, we are Albanians! We are not Slavic, don’t! Oh God, what have we done! Do not shot, we are defenseless! Don’t, don’t! “But their calls were little by little being covered by the endless volley of the criminal’s weapons, which were enjoying themselves.

Sokol Sokoli, the hero of the revolt was dragged into the camp, was laid over a tree and was cut in half. A horrible death in front of everyone. Tom Ndoi and Nue Pisha were executed by a firing squad, telling their friends that the same fate was in store for them. All the prisoners were tied; they were left outside without clothes for hours and were resentenced.

Although their great sufferings the prisoners of Qaf Bari and Spaç did not surrender, and managed to survive. These heroic people, heroes of democracy would again find ways to express their hate for the dictatorship and its people.

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