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FORCED LABOR & The building construction

During the 50 years under the communist dictatorship, Albanians were sentenced with 914,000 years of prison and 256,146 years in internment camps. Political prisoners were “Slaves of the state” and were forced to work without getting any compensation, in the most difficult places and in the most severe conditions. The dictatorship from the moment they came to power until the 90’ used them to fulfill its 5-year plans . Beside the forced labor they were tortured, abused and many of them got sick and died.

The Buildings constructed from the political prisoners utilizing forced labor during 50 years are as follows:

1945: The completion of “Qemal Stafa” stadium in Tirana

1945: The creation of the farm of Kamëz

1945-52: Drying the swamp in Maliq

1946: The digging of the canal of Jube in the region of Durres

1946-52: The construction of the military aerodrome of Kucova (with the Russian help)

1949-51: The construction of the Gose farm, in the district of Kavaja

1950: Construction of the Peqin-Elbasan railway track

1950-52: The digging of the Beden canal in the district of Kavaja

1950: The automobile road Gramsh-Lozhan

1950-53: The extraction of the chrome mineral in Bulqize

1952-55: The canal Peqin-Kavaja, 50 km long

1952-54: Valshukut canal in the field of Myzeqe

1963-67: Construction of “Agimi” buildings, in Tirana

1955-56: Drying the swamp of Terbuf

1955-57: Rinas Airport

1955-56: Zadrima field reclamation and disposition of the river Gjader

1956-59: Start of the works in the combine “Textile” of Tirana

1959-61: The building of the Food Combine, Tirana

1960: The construction of the “Dinamo” stadium in Tirana

1960-63: The Combine of Meat and Milk, Tirana

1960-63: The reclamation of the area of Thumana

1960-63: The construction of 500 apartments in block called “Work”, Tirana

1960-63: The building of the State Sanatorium, Tirana

1963-65: The building of the Auto-Tractors Combine, Tirana

1963-65: The construction of the Copper Smelting Plant, Rrubik

1963-67: The Superphosphate and Sulfuric Acid plant, in Lac Kurbin.

1965-66: The Cement Factory in Fushe-Kruje

1966-68: The Cement Factory in Elbasan

1967-90: The Opening of the copper mine and pyrites, Spac

1967-70: The Building of the Copper Enrichment Plant in Reps, Mirdita

1967-91: New fertile lands and sanitation in the Area of Torovica

1967-90: New jobs in Agriculture and sanitation in Lezha, Zejmen

1966-91: The building of terraces in Saranda coast

1967- 71: The building of the Salt Mine in Skrovotine, Vlora

1971-84: The construction of the oil processing plant in Ballsh

1977-87: The construction of the “Dinamo” Sport Complex in Tirana

1982-90: Working in the copper and pyrite mine, in Qaf-Bar, Puka

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