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About us

The Museum of Memory is a project designed and implemented by the Albanian Institute of Political Studies and supported by the Ministry of Culture for the building of a virtual museum in memory of the crimes and victims of communism titled

Purpose: This project responds to the need to honor and memoralize the victims of the crimes of communism and the need to inform the new generation and the albanians living in immigration with the crimes, penalties,or the prisons of the communist dictatorship in Albania.

Working group:

2Project Leader: Prof.As. Afrim Krasniqi


Curator of Museum: Arch. Migen Qiraxhi


Expert for historical datas: Lazer Stani


Project coordinator: Rigels Xhemollari


Adapted in English: Borana Elezi



Minstry of Culture

Institute of Studies of Communism Crimes

Museum of Memory,Shkodër


The references and the information sources:

Archive of the Interior Ministry

Archive of ISSK

Archive, Museum of Memory Shkodër


Genocide on intellectual elite of the albanian nation under communist terror, by Tomor Aliko

The system of penalties in Albania during the communist regime, by Femi Isufaj

The Black Book of albanian communism, by Agim Musta

The first anticommunism revolts, by Uran Butka

The Dictator, by Blendi Fevziu

Internet and medias.